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30 Seconds Chocolate Cake

Soft chocolatey sponge paired with airy whipped cream and chocolate shavings sounds delightful, no? Make this cake in just 30 seconds!
Yes, you read it correctly, chocolate cake in 30 seconds!! I know it sounds way too good to be true, but trust me, it is possible. 

I remember when I suddenly had guests at home, and unfortunately, that day, I did not have any dessert ready to serve. As a baker, I got overwhelmed as I did not want my friends to leave without a sweet dessert. That’s when I decided I could bake a simple chocolate cake in the microwave, which would take a few minutes to make the batter and only 30 seconds to bake. 

Yes, it’s a microwave cake, but the taste is as good as the oven cake. Although a microwave is not something I recommend to anyone for baking in situations like these where you need fast cooking, it does come in handy and helps a lot. 

The chocolate cake is Eggless and does not require any specific method to make the batter. Simply add ingredients one by one in a mixing bowl and make a smooth batter. I baked the cake in ramekins instead of a cake tin because that way, you can serve the cake without de-moulding and some topping of your choice. It’s a perfect single-serve quick dessert.

30 Seconds Chocolate Cake Video Tutorial

Why You’ll Love This Recipe? 

  • Easy and Quick: You don’t really need to be a baker to bake this cake. Anyone can bake it as the method and baking are both super quick and easy. 
  • Delicious: The recipe makes for a soft and decadent chocolate cake. You top the cake with any topping or cream of your choice. I have used whipped cream and shaved chocolate for the topping. 
  • Accessible Ingredients: You won’t need any fancy ingredients to make this dessert. A few basic ingredients that are easily accessible for a quick bake are all you need to make this dessert. 

Important Ingredients Used In The Recipe

  • Natural Cocoa Powder: Natural cocoa powder is the best option to keep the cake subtle yet chocolatey. Always use good quality cocoa powder for cakes, as it can make or break the final sponge quality. 
  • Refined Oil: The cake has oil as fat. The oil keeps the cake moist throughout its shelf life as it is liquid in nature, which does not set hard. 
  • Baking Powder: For an extremely soft cake, baking powder is used. It makes the cake tender and soft. 
  • Milk: Milk provides the richness to the cake. I use full-fat milk instead of toned one for better taste. 
  • Chopped Chocolate: I added some dark chocolate chunks to the cake batter. This gives a nice extra chocolate flavour to the cake. 
  • Whipped Cream: For the topping, whipped cream is used. It pairs well with the chocolate cake, giving a nice cream cake-tasting experience while eating the dessert. 

How To Make 30 Seconds Chocolate Cake

Preparation: Get the ingredients ready and measure needed for the dessert. Also, keep two ramekins ready. 

Dry Ingredients: In a mixing bowl, add sifted dry ingredients flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, castor sugar and salt one by one. 

Wet Ingredients: In the same bowl, add all wet ingredients: oil, milk and vanilla essence. 

Make the batter: Mix everything using a spatula to make a smooth batter. Ensure that no lumps are left. 

Pour batter into moulds: Transfer the batter into two ramekins equally. Tap the ramekins once to settle the batter. Add some chopped dark chocolate on the top of the cake batter. 

Bake: Now put them in the microwave and bake for 30 seconds. 

Cool and Garnish: After 30 seconds, remove the ramekins from the microwave and let the cakes cool down. Meanwhile, best some whipping cream till it reaches soft peaks. After the cakes have cooled, top the cake with some whipped cream and garnish with chocolate shavings. 

Chef’s Tips For The Recipe

Experiment with Toppings.

You can top the cake with any frosting of your choice. For example, chocolate ganache, coffee-flavoured whipped cream, chocolate sauce and berries, caramel frosting, etc. 

Do Not Over-Bake.

The microwave cooks really fast. That is why 30 seconds should be enough to bake the cake thoroughly. Do not put it on for over 30 seconds, as it can overbake the cake, making it burnt and chewy. You can do a toothpick test to check and put it to baking for a few more seconds only if the centre seems underbaked. 

How To Store 30 Seconds Chocolate Cake 

I would recommend to serve the same day. In case you have leftover dessert, then cling wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to grease the ramekins?

Since we are baking and serving in the ramekins itself, greasing is not compulsory and can be avoided. If you want to de-mould, then toil, have to grease and line the mould with oil and butter paper. 

Can I bake this cake batter in the oven also? Can I use canned pineapples instead of fresh ones? 

Yes, you can bake it in the oven at 180C (OTG mode: lower rod only) for 12-15 minutes. 

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30 Seconds Chocolate Cake

30-second chocolate cake: Now bake a delicious chocolate cake dessert for your loved ones in just 30 seconds!

  • Total Time: 7 to 10 minutes


  • 40 g Flour
  • 5 tbsp Castor sugar
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • 50 g Milk
  • 3 tbsp Oil
  • 1 tsp Vanilla essence
  • 10 g Natural cocoa powder
  • 50 g Whipping cream
  • 2030 g Chopped dark couverture chocolate
  • Chocolate shavings, as required


  1. Add dry ingredients: flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, castor sugar and salt in a mixing bowl.
  2. To the same bowl, add the wet ingredients: oil, milk and vanilla essence.
  3. Give the batter a nice mix using a spatula until there are no lumps.
  4. Transfer the batter to two ramekin moulds.
  5. Sprinkle some chopped dark couverture chocolate on top and microwave it for 30 seconds.
  6. After baking, cool the cake and garnish it by spreading whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
  • Author: Chef Mansi
  • Prep Time: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 seconds

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