Looking to Hire Bakers and Pastry Chefs?

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Why Hire from Truffle Nation?

  • 5000+ Students
  • Bakers from 20+ Cities
  • Experts in 10+ Product Categories of Baking
  • 400+ Bakers hired from Truffle Nation
  • 50+ Bakeries started by our students across India

Why Hire Bakers Trained at Truffle Nation ?

Experts in Bakery and Pastry Arts

Our bakers are trained by professional chefs in a wide range of bakery and pastry products. Our students learn more than just recipes, they’re skilled pastry chefs who can innovate new recipes with the skills and knowledge they get at Truffle Nation.

Diverse Skill Set and Baking Experience

Our students have been trained in over 10 different categories of baking and pastry arts. From baking delicious cakes to eye-catching French pastries, there’s nothing our students can’t do.

Entrepreneurial and Self Managing

At Truffle Nation, our students learn how to build and run their own bakeries. This makes them a perfect, well-rounded candidate for you to help your own business. You know you can really rely on them for more than just great bakery products.

Here's How it works:

  • Sign up with a few clicks
  • Our team gets in touch with you to understand your requirements
  • A dedicated relationship manager will help you in the hiring process
  • Get a list of pre-assessed skill bakers and pastry chefs who fit your criteria
  • Interview the candidates and run a baking test
  • Make offers and close the position in your bakery, cafe, restaurant or hotel