Are You Ready to Become a Professional Baker and Start Your Own Profitable Bakery or Cafe Business in the next 6 months?!

This 4 Month Complete Baker’s Diploma course takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need from learning how to make the perfect macarons to how to profitably get new customers for your business, we give you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own bakery business.

Built for Bakers, by Bakers.

We're the perfect fit if you want to start your own bakery or cafe buisness..
All of our courses are designed to help you have the knowledge, tools and resources you need to start your own culinary businesses.

Build Your Own Bakery/Cafe

As a Truffle Nation Graduate, you get the exclusive opportunity to learn everything you need to start your own bakery or Cafe Business. From learning how to bake 3-tier cakes to how to position your brand for success. We leave no stone unturned.

Dedicated Chef Mentors

Get Dedicated Chef Mentors to help you throughout your journey as a professional baker.

Become a Certified Baker!

After completing the courses, you can apply for our certification exams to become a TruffleNation Certified Baker, Chocolatiers or Patissiers. We're not affiliate with any third parties for our certification.

Business Strategy Classes

From how to find your perfect buyer to pricing for profitability to reaching everyone in your market. We give you the marketing tools and assistance you need to launch your bakery.

Hands-on Baking Classes

Truffle Nation offers you the unmatched hands-on baking experience where you actually bake everything all by yourself, while our chefs guide you through the process step-by-step.

Exclusive Access to a Community of Pro Bakers

As a Truffle Nation graduate, you get access to our exclusive and growing community of professional bakers where you can get your ongoing questions answered by professional bakers who are already running their own businesses!

Courses for Professional Bakers

Complete Baker's Diploma Course

The perfect course if you want to start your own bakery/cafe. In this 4 month course, we teach you everything from baking the perfect 3-tier wedding cake to how to position, brand and market your business profitably and predictably.

Professional Baker's Certification Course

Just getting started or want to Start your home bakery? This 3 month course is perfect for anyone whose just starting out and wants to run a small home-based bakery business to get some experience as a professional baker.

Home Baker's Essentials Course

Want to improve your foundation as a casual baker? This 5 week course is perfect for anyone who are looking to learn just enough baking to have a strong foundation to work upon.

Here's what Mehtaab has to say about her experience at Truffle Nation

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Nophrie Zhotso — “The chefs not only mentor or guide us in the class but anytime we need them they are so ready to help.I recently finished my Diploma Course and feeling so grateful for everything they taught me..”

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Simran Chandwani — “I recently join truffle nation in june month..! I have wonderful experience, the chef’s having immense knowledge, they motivated us very well, personally i love way they teach, great experience with team Truffle Nation.”


Prabh Noor Sethi — “I did my course from truffle nation this year. And I’m thankful to them for making me a skilled professional baker in just 4 months. The recipes and their work is authentic. I get many many compliments when I bake something. .”

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Meenal Saini — “I joined Truffle Nation's January 2019 & i will say it was the best decision ever. Their way of teaching is really good and all the chefs have immense knowledge. They have been very helpful in my journey of becoming who i am today. Thank you Truffle Nation, you have always been supportive ❤.”

Learn How these Aspiring Bakers Became Professional Pastry Chefs after Graduating from Truffle Nation.

Eakta's Experience at Truffle Nation

Dhristi's Experience at Truffle Nation

Manpreet's Experience at Truffle Nation

Built for Bakers, By Bakers!

Truffle Nation was designed from ground up with the goal of bring you the tools, knowledge and mentorship you need to become a professional baker and start your own Cafes and Bakeries.

With us, you undergo an immersive, completely hands-on learning experience to learn baking and hone your skills. 

All our courses are held with premium grade ingredients, high-end commercial tools and high-skill instructors who’re here to take you by the hand and turn you into a skilled baker (even if you don’t know the difference between baking soda and baking powder, yet).



Most frequent questions and answers

Truffle Nation is Located in the heart of Delhi. However, 4 out of 5 students that join Truffle Nation are from outstation cities.

We have specially designed our courses for the Indian Baker who wants to be their own boss and start their own home bakeries, retail bakeries and cafes.

We truly believe in the value of skill over fickle degrees and our goal is to put you in a position where you control how you want to take your career as a baker forward.

With our diploma course, we take you by the hand, starting from scratch and teach you everything you need to deliver a superior culinary experience to your customers. From cupcakes and three-tier cakes, you’ll learn everything you need to start your own bakery.

Plus, when you’re ready to start, we hold 1-on-1 personalised business strategy and marketing sessions with our marketing head to help you position yourself for success.

Anybody above the age of 14 can join our classes. However, we would suggest students to be over 16 to join our diploma classes. There’s no upper age limit

  1. Once you have decided what course you’d like to join you can simply pay the booking amount for that particular course and complete the registration form by visiting any of our branches for consultation.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge or bring anything with you to learn at Truffle Nation. We provide you with everything from an apron to the state-of-the-art equipment to learn ande master your

All of our courses are available in eggless variations. All of our students get recipes in both egg/eggless versions.

We maintain a very strict a 1:6 ratio of instructor to student. So for every 6 students, we’ll have one dedicated mentor chef who’ll personally help you out with the recipes, doubts and the prep your menu.

We have only two branches in New Delhi. The Diploma courses are held in our state-of-the-art Saket Branch and our non-professional smaller courses are held in the Malviya Nagar Branch.

Our courses are designed to turn you into a skillful baker in months if not weeks!

All of our courses are fast paced. Our mini courses and workshops are generally 3-10 days long while our professional courses take 1-3 months to complete.

Order a Cake from Nilza's SweetHome Bakery Cafe

Here's what she has to say:

I always wanted start my own home baking business and that’s what took me to Truffle Nation. I took the Baker’s Diploma course and learnt everything from baking celebration cakes to over 6 different types of breads and everything in between.

I’ve not only started my own home baking business back in my hometown of Leh, but I’ve also baked the Birthday Cake for his holiness Dalai Lama on their 83rd Birthday.

Nilza’s Sweet Home Bakery