StalkerVille, ChowStalker and DessertStalker Acquired by Truffle Nation

Truffle Nation just Acquired Stalkerville, and this is the new home for Chowstalker and Dessertstalker, which are gluten-free, real food recipe-sharing sites based on paleo principles.  We combined the sites and re-launched them on a new domain to provide a platform for additional galleries, like garden stalker (and my favourite Armenian cucumber recipes, that are interesting to those living a happy and healthy paleo-inspired lifestyle.

The history

Chowstalker was launched on February 9, 2011, to help people find healthy, paleo-inspired recipes and to showcase the many excellent cooks that take time to photograph and post their creations.  At that time, we didn’t accept recipes for paleo treats.  But many people told us that even though they wanted to eat “real food,” they still wanted an occasional treat and a place to find recipes for healthy options they could feel good feeding their children or serving at a birthday party.  So we created a separate website, dessert-stalker, which followed the same guidelines as chow stalker, with a more lenient policy regarding sweeteners.

We soon realized that many recipe submissions were a good fit for both Chowstalker and Dessertstalker and that the overhead of running two separate sites wasn’t necessary. The sites were relaunched as Stalkerville on August 1st, 2013. Over the following year, we built a loyal following and became the “go-to” site for people searching for recipes satisfying the requirements of many special diets

Then, unfortunately, in March 2014 and in the middle of plans for expansion with other “… stalker” categories and recruiting expert moderators to approve, edit and publish recipes, the two owners (Patty and Ron) separated, and Ron was given ownership and responsibility since he was the technical lead.

I (Ron) have plans to revive and continue to develop the site and get more involved in the “paleo-inspired” community, but that has to wait until I have the resources (time and money) to do so. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and I’m happy that so many are finding the archive of recipes useful.

The present

On 26th January 2023, Truffle Nation successfully completed the acquisition of StalkerVille.net to bring its readers access to new paleo recipes.

We strive to bring recipes and lessons from professional chefs who are experts in cuisines worldwide, and this acquisition will bring us one step closer to our vision.

Where to find my favorite pages?

If you’re looking for your favourite Stalkerville recipe or Stalkerville Chef Profile then you can find them here:

  1. All TruffleNation Recipes
  2. All Truffle Nation Chefs and Contributors

Got Questions?

Why is the URL for Chowstalker, Dessertstalker and Stalkerville now Truffle Nation?

We were getting more and more submissions that were actually a good fit for both sites. People looking for “paleo-fied cookies” are more likely to find even better paleo recipes. It’s more efficient to maintain and manage one site verses two. We have plans for additional galleries.

Can I submit recipes in a language other than English?

Absolutely! (Especially if it’s in Italian and you have an extra room in your villa.) With instant online translation freely available, our readers will be able to read your submission and original recipe.  We have a category for “cuisine” and welcome dishes from around the world.

Can I resubmit a recipe?

Yes.  We try to give very specific reasons why a recipe didn’t make the cut and sometimes all that is needed is a different image or minor modification to how the recipe is written.

My submission was changed.  Why?

Sometimes we modify a submission to correct a typo, include or remove categories as needed, and provide our readers with as much relevant detail as possible regarding the recipe.  Any changes made are intended to help more readers find your recipe.  But if, for some reason, you aren’t happy with the changes, just let us know.

Why do you accept recipes with white rice?  Rice isn’t paleo, and besides, brown rice is healthier.

We are big fans of Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet, authors of The Perfect Health Diet, which is basically paleo + rice.  And here’s what they say about rice: “Rice is very low in toxicity. Most rice toxins reside in the bran, so milled white rice is already low in toxins. The great majority of white rice toxins are destroyed in cooking.”

Why do you accept recipes with corn?  That’s not “paleo” either.

You’re right. Corn is technically a grain, but can be eaten as a vegetable.  And when grown without harmful chemicals and consumed in moderate quantities, many people tolerate it as well, if not better than nuts.  Corn itself is not the problem for most; it’s what we’ve done to it with industrial farming and processing.  But if you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on a freshly harvested, naturally grown ear of Golden Bantum, then you know why we have made an exception to the rule. Sadly, most of the corn and corn products available through the U.S. food system is genetically modified.  As with all food, quality matters, and we encourage you to purchase well-raised food from local sources as often as feasible or grow your own, especially when it comes to corn.