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Caramel Frosting Recipe

Are you a fan of sweet things? If so, then you are in for a treat. And I am sure if you are a sweet lover, then you love this caramel frosting!

Caramel goes well with many desserts and snacks, and so does this Caramel Frosting!

So, today in this blog post, I will be telling you about how to make caramel frosting.
With this simple frosting, you can elevate the taste of any of your sweet desserts.

While it will take a little bit of your time, trust me, it is totally worth the time and effort because the result is simply amazing.

This caramel frosting is truly the best frosting I have ever tasted!
This frosting is sweet, buttery, pipeable, and perfectly thick, which is perfect for frosting a cake or decorating a cupcake, or even macarons.

The smooth and velvety texture of butter combined with the sweet and toasty flavor of caramel makes the frosting a truly irresistible choice for your desserts. 

Why You’ll Love This Recipe? 

  • Texture: This frosting is smooth and velvety. The combination of butter, sugar, and cream creates creamy consistency that just melts in your mouth. The smooth and velvety texture adds a luxurious feel to your desserts, making them even more tasty and satisfying to eat. 
  • Flavor: It has a rich, buttery, and toasty flavor that is simply addictive. The sweetness we get after the caramelization of sugar creates a deep, sweet taste to the frosting. Its warm and comforting flavor makes it a perfect combination for a wide range of bakes goods, from cakes to cookies. 
  • Versatile: This caramel frosting is incredibly versatile and complements a variety of flavors. Whether you are using it to frost a classic vanilla cake or as a filling for a rich chocolate cupcake, it will take your favorite dessert to the next level. It can also be flavored with coffee, chocolate, or spices to create unique variations. The versatility of caramel frosting allows you to experiment and get creative with your desserts.
  • Appearance: The caramel color combined with butter gives us visually appealing frosting that adds an elegant touch to your desserts. The rich golden brown color stands out and makes your cake and cupcakes look irresistible. It’s perfect for special occasions or when you want to impress your guests with a visually stunning dessert. This frosting will surely be a hit, without a doubt.

Important Ingredients Used In The Recipe

  • Castor Sugar: It is the starting ingredient in making the caramel sauce. It is often used in making caramel. The fine texture of castor sugar dissolves quickly and evenly, resulting in a smooth caramel sauce. 
  • Fresh cream: Using fresh cream creates a perfectly balanced consistency for the caramel. 
  • Butter: Unsalted butter is the base of this frosting; I have used unsalted butter to make both the caramel and the frosting. It provides richness and creaminess to the caramel flavor. 
  • Salt: For the caramel, I have used salt to give the frosting a subtle salty contrast.

How to Make Caramel Frosting

Preparation: Gather all the ingredients that you need before starting the recipe. Make sure that you collect all the ingredients according to the quantities given in the recipe box.

For the Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce: In a heavy bottom saucepan, add sugar and heat it until you see an amber color forming. Do not stir the sugar with spatula, as stirring may crystallize the sugar. To make sure the sugar is heating evenly, gently swirl the saucepan with your hand.

Warming fresh cream: Meanwhile, in a small microwave-proof bowl, warm fresh cream. When you warm fresh cream, make sure that you do not heat it till boiling point. Add this warm cream to the amber-colored sugar while stirring until it settles down.

Add butter and salt: Once the fresh cream is properly incorporated, add unsalted butter and salt. Adding butter makes the caramel rich, luscious, and buttery. Transfer it to a bowl and cling wrap it, then let it cool down completely before making the frosting. If you add the caramel while it’s hot or warm, it may melt the butter.

For Frosting

Beat butter: Beat unsalted butter until it is fluffy in texture. Use an electric hand beater or stand mixer if you have one.

Add caramel: Gradually add the caramel sauce to the fluffy butter and beat again until properly incorporated and you get nice soft peaks in the frosting.

Chef’s Tips For The Recipe

Quikck Tip To Prevent Crystallization.

While making the caramel, make sure that you do not stir the sugar before adding warm cream; instead, gently swirl the saucepan with your hands to avoid the crystallization of sugar.

Tips To Prevent Caramel From Burning.

Cook the sugar on low to medium heat.
Keep a close eye on it while making caramel sauce, as it may go from perfectly golden to burnt in a matter of seconds.
Use a clean heavy bottom saucepan as it helps in distributing heat evenly, reducing the risk of hot spots and preventing the caramel from burning.

Tip To Prevent Runny Frosting.

Let the caramel cool down completely before adding it to the butter, or it may melt the butter, and you will end up with a runny frosting. 

How To Store Caramel Frosting

To store caramel frosting, cover the bowl with a cling wrap tightly and keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Make sure that you do not store the frosting without covering it, or it will dry out and smell like the rest of the food that you have stored in your fridge.

The caramel frosting can stay in the freezer for up to 1 month if you store it in an air-tight container after cling-wrapping it tightly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my caramel frosting runny?

To prevent runny caramel frosting, make sure that the caramel is at room temperature. If you add hot caramel, it will melt the soft butter resulting in a runny frosting.

Why is my caramel frosting too stiff?

If the frosting is too stiff, you can add 1 – 2 tbsp of milk o it and beat again until you get the desired consistency.

Can I use store-bought caramel sauce to make caramel frosting?

Yes, you can use store-bought caramel sauce to make the frosting. Just make sure that the quality is of good quality and has a rich caramel flavor. If the store-bought caramel is too thin, you can simmer it in a saucepan to make it thick before incorporating it into the butter.

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Caramel Frosting

With this simple frosting, you can elevate the taste of any of your sweet desserts. The smooth and velvety texture of butter combined with the sweet and toasty flavor of caramel makes the frosting a truly irresistible choice for your desserts.

  • Total Time: 15 to 20 minutes



For Caram Sauce

  • 120 g Castor sugar
  • 135 g Fresh cream
  • 25 g Unsalted butter 
  • ¼ tsp Salt

For Frosting

  • 300 g Unsalted butter
  • 150 g Caramel sauce


For Caram Sauce

  1. In a heavy-bottom saucepan, add sugar and heat until it melts and turns amber in color.
  2. Warm fresh cream in a microwave. And pour this into the amber-colored sugar while stirring it. 
  3. Once all the cream is incorporated, add butter and salt, then mix properly.
  4. Transfer it to a bowl and set it aside to cool down completely.

For Frosting

  1. In a big bowl, beat unsalted butter with an electric hand beater until the butter is fluffy in texture.
  2. Add in the cooled caramel sauce and beat again until you get soft peaks in the frosting.
  • Author: Chef Aruna
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 to 10 minutes

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