Some Brilliant Baking Hacks you can’t miss

Nothing comes to perfection within a day or week, and for that, these two P’s are really important: Practice and Patience. The reason why a number of people leave baking in the mid-way of learning is the distress when it goes all wrong again and again. No doubt, baking is science but with the help of a few hacks you can surely take the fuss out of the painful experience and can make some outstanding cakes.

Soften Brown Sugar

Oh! That box lying right there on your kitchen counter contains brown sugar but what’s that? It has now become as hard as a rock.

One should definitely know how to soften brown sugar.

Nothing to worry about because you can easily soften your brown sugar simply by keeping it in the microwave with a wet paper towel for around 20-30 seconds till you get soften brown sugar.

Stay Away from Batter Splatter

Hate that situation when the batter splits all over the kitchen counter? Why not, that mess is just annoying when it comes to cleaning.

Batter splatter becomes a mess most of the time.

To prevent all that chaos you can let the ends of the mixer’s beaters go through the middle of a paper plate and let that plate act as a shield.

Bake a Perfect Brownie

Who doesn’t want to eat healthy without even compromising with the taste?

You can bake perfect brownies without compromising with the taste.

So to make healthy brownies too that easily you just need to mix 1 package of the brownie mix (your choice) and add one can of pumpkin puree to it. Now continue with the recipe you were following.

From Stiff to Spreadable

Oh no! You forgot to take out the butter and now there’s no time left to wait for the ingredients to come at room temperature. If that’s the problem then there is no problem.

Try not forget to keep the ingredients at room temperature.

Because you can easily do that by turning on the heating pad, then keep a thin dish towel over it and then place your cheese or butter on that covered pad, you’ll see that the ingredient will soften in a matter of minutes.

Get Creative

A beautiful and presentable cake is something that everyone admires so if you also want to decorate your cake quickly, use a textured paper towel and presses it all over the iced cake.

Being creative while baking is a super-skill.

Now you need to let the design cool for a few seconds. Or also you can sprinkle an un-iced cake using a powdered sugar design and sprinkle it onto the cake through the lace.

Slice like a Pro

You will never want to get cake slices that are not cut properly. Also, it won’t even look good. So to cut the perfect cake slices, you need a warm knife.

Use a worn knife to cut the cake like a pro.

You can either take it out right away from the dishwashing cycle or get one that was soaked in warm water. You’ll see how perfectly your cake slices will come.

No Sticky Fingers

It becomes really sticky and messy when you want to measure ingredients like honey and syrup.

Use cooking spray to avoid sticky fingers.

While measuring, spray the tools like cup or spoon with cooking spray and you’ll see that the sticky thing will drizzle itself.

Bake Perfect Cookies

Who doesn’t love those crispy cookies that are chewy from the inside? The best way to get such cookies, you need to chill the dough before baking for at least an hour or if possible up to overnight.

To bake perfect cookies, try to chill the dough overnight.

When you take the cookies out from the oven, let the pan rest on the counter to let the cookies set completely. Believe this, when you hold the cookie sheet around a foot above the counter and drop it onto the counter, your cookies will settle to perfect thickness quickly.

Round Ones are bit Boring

You have also tried round shaped pans, why not try some fun-shaped pancakes this time. You can use a cookie cutter.

Why always round shaped cookies? Isn't it very monotonous.

Keep it in the skillet or griddle then pour the batter into the shape. You simply have to remove the cutter while flipping.

Eggs by the Dozen

There are some baked goods like meringues that use lots of eggs and need to be separated.

Use a bottle to suck all the egg yolks.

For this, you can crack all the eggs into a shallow container then use a bottle and suck out all the yolks.

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