Remember these Important Baking Equipment and Brace the Baker inside you

Bump!  Beat! Chink! These are some of the daily noises my baking equipment makes when I am in the bakery. And you know what, this is the best part of every day. This regular noise, a bit hustle-bustle of finding ingredients or slight jitters while thinking “I hope my final product comes out to be good”, all these things keeps me alive and fresh for the whole day.

Baking can be a lot of fun and can even spoil it if you don’t keep the right tools and equipment by your side. Even if you are a novice you should have the right basic tools with you whereas the professionals must-have them.

Well, if by any chance you are unaware of those crucial types of equipment that one should have while baking, not to worry. Just go through my list and see if it was helpful for you.


Well, I don’t think so there’s any need to mention that the oven is mandatory for baking but still. No doubt, you can make some chocolate or confections without using an oven but you’ll need one, be it the regular one or mini oven. Remember that ovens vary considerably in quality and price and you might need to get the best quality while starting out.

Oven is really important to bring your desired baked good in the way you want.

Also, one crucial point about the oven is that they don’t work the same way even if they are the same brand. Of course, your choice of brand, model and make matters the most as you won’t like it if your goods ruin due to bad quality. So carry on with daily experimenting, adjusting, and remembering it while baking.


Well, it might be a tabletop mixer, hand mixer or floor mixer that of course, depends on your needs and kind of goods you want to present in your bakery. Just check or ask yourself: which one will provide you with the best results? For the commercial purpose, you might need all of them and too that in a good number for mixing a large batch of dough at a time or for any other use.

Mixers are really essential to make your work easier. 

If you are running or want to start a home baker, you may not have a room for heavy floor mixer but still, you can go for tabletop mixers that work in the same way but knead smaller amounts. Talking about the hand mixers, they are very crucial and you should have at least one to whip meringues, creams to drizzle over pastry or for sauces.

Shelving Racks

What I like about my kitchen the most is the good enough space to work in. Make sure you too have this kind of kitchen where you can put different multilevel shelving racks. The reason is: not having enough shelving racks will force you to cool down your finished products on the counter or table only. That way you’ll be left with no room to prepare another batch of croissants or anything.

To present your baked goods properly you'll surely need shelving racks.

These racks can even act like saviors when it comes to storing ingredients out of the way. So all in all, the aim is to bring down the clutter and provide you with enough space you’ll need. So, save time and save a lot of frustration.


While running a home bakery or planning to start one there are some questions that should be cleared. What am I going to sell? Is this the number I can sell in a week? You should be clear about the number of batches you can complete in a given time. See how many you pans you’ll be using and then double or triple the number accordingly.

Different kind of pans allows you to enhance your baking experience.

Even if you somehow fit more than enough puff pastries on one sheet, you might not get the desired result. There you need to readjust it again, which might take your production time. Thus, always be ready with some extra pans because your dough is something that goes with the flow and you never know how it is going to fit.

Mixing Bowls, Spoons, Spatulas, and Decorating Equipment

While selecting these some of the other crucial tools, you’ll need 2 things: Planning and Quantity. Like a few extra pans, you’ll also need more spoons, spatulas, and large mixing bowls than you think especially when you have a deluge of orders.

Without correct baking essentials, there's no fun in baking. 

Giving your precious time for washing and sanitizing the equipment after every few moments is just one bad idea. Talking about the decorating equipment always choose them wisely. One thing I always keep in mind: My customers will be going to eat with eyes first. Make sure you not only invest in good quantity but good quality, strong decorating set, French rolling pins, and other stuff.

Scale, Oven Thermometer

Do I really need to remind you that baking is about precision and perfection? And these two very very important equipment will help you attain both the P’s. Instead of using measuring cups use a good digital scale to weigh ingredients like the professionals do. That way you’ll get more accurate and precise measurements.

When it comes to precision these equipment becomes really crucial. 

On the other hand, an oven thermometer is really crucial to see exactly how hot your oven is especially if you’re working with home oven or the commercial oven you are not familiar with. This can make a big difference in your final product whether it’ll be soggy, light or a fluffy one.

Food Processor or Chopper

I have always heard this from many people that necessity is the mother of invention but when I have some great machines to make my work and of course, my life an easier one then why not? Being a baker, we always have a lot to do besides baking.

Why not bring down the stress with the help of a food processor. 
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So get yourself a food processor or a chopper so that you can make that extra stuff easy. The equipment can quickly cut or chop large quantities of chocolates or nuts for you. There’s no harm is reaping benefits from such shortcuts.

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