What if you could turn into a master at baking and plating European Pastries like Macarons, etc. in Just 4-weeks?

This 4-WEEK Celebrations Cake Certification Course takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need from learning how to make the perfect sponge to crumb coating to completely baking and designing your very first 3-tier wedding cake!

Hundreds of aspiring bakers have learnt how to make beautiful, professional cakes and started their own cakeries.

We want you to be our next big success story!

Introducing the 4 Week European Pastry Arts Mastery Course...

When L’Opera opened its first branch in Delhi in 2011, it was considered a huge gamble by many. Why?

That is because back then not many people knew about French Pastries in India. And even if they did, they were pretty darn expensive as they were available only in 5-star hotels.

Today, L’Opera stands at 14 branches across Delhi-NCR and according to The Economic Times, they are looking to raise another 50-60 crores and expand to 66 outlets across India.

So why did L’Opera become such a revered pastry outlet in Delhi-NCR alone?

Because they brought classic, lip-smacking French Desserts out of the 5-star hotels and right at your doorstep at affordable rates.

In Short, they stood out more than the average Indian bakery.

But for most Indian bakery owners and chefs learning to make European Pastry is easier said than done.

Surely you can’t book flights and courses all over the world to learn their pastries, right?

And if you thought you could learn authentic European Pastry via some YouTube videos and recipe books, you are only kidding yourself.

Plus, if you look around baking schools in India, courses related to French and other European pastries are far and few and can cost you about 2-3 lacs.

So how do you stand out from other bakeries in India? In a world where survival rate for new bakeries and home businesses is just 25% in the first 5 years, how do you woo your customers?

After all, even if you have the best decor, the menu is the heart of any restaurant.

This is why Truffle Nation designed the European Pastry Arts Course for you.

A Course that takes you by the hand and turns you into a pro at making Choux, Profiteroles, Eclairs, Paris-Brest, Italian and Swiss Macarons, various pies and tarts, etc. in just 4-weeks.

This is why we at TruffleNation designed the 4 Week European Pastry Arts Mastery Course .

A Course that takes you by the hand and turns you into a pro at making Choux, Profiteroles, Eclairs, Paris-Brest, Italian and Swiss Macarons, various pies and tarts, etc. in just 4-weeks.

But Why Should You Trust Truffle Nation?

For starters, you get GET CERTIFIED as a Truffle Nation Bakery Chef in the celebrations cake course.

Oh, and it is all hands-on.

That means we put you in the chef’s hat and let you learn as you actually bake everything by yourself (no more watching how to bake, you are in charge now).

And so you get personal attention, we have 1 professional chef mentor for every 6 students.

Plus, everything you bake, you can take home and share with your loved ones.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Course:

In the first week, you will be taught to bake Verrines, Brownies, Hollandaise Cookies, Opera Cake, Financiers. Furthermore, there are Viennoiseries like Croissants, Pain Au Chocolat, Cruffins, Pinwheel Danish, Pain Au Raisin, Diamond-Shaped Danish.

In this week, you’ll learn to bake Swiss and Italian Macarons (we’ll turn you into a Macaron Master). But that’s not all. You’ll also learn Choux, Profiteroles, Eclairs, Paris-Brest, Mille Feuille.

Week 3 is all about Neo Tarts like Apple Pie, Mango & Pistachio Tart, Hazelnut & Caramel Tart and Entremets such as Confit, Colored Mirror Glaze (gelatin and non-gelatine based).

In the last week, you’ll learn the science and fundamentals behind classic Italian Gelato. You will also be taught how to plate desserts in a very high-end and contemporary way.


Here's How to Enroll for this Course:


Choose Your Favourite Baking Course


Fill Out the Application Form


Pay the Booking Amount and StartBaking

Fee Structure for this Course

For the convenience of our students, this 28 day , all-inclusive  Celebration Cakes Course has been priced at just ₹1,34,000, you can enrol in the course by paying the booking amount of ₹50,000.

The price includes everything you’ll require for your course and you will not have to bring anything except your passion with you to complete the course and become an expert baker.

One Time Payment of just


Course Schedule and Dates

The Next Batch of 4 Week European Pastry Arts Mastery Course starts on 9th December 2019.

The classes will be held from 1:30 pm to 4:30pm at the Truffle Nation Saket Branch, New Delhi.

Next Batch Starts in:



What Our Other Students Have to Say About Us​

My younger sister pursued her passion for baking from Truffle Nation, the Hogwarts of Baking. Throughout the course, she learnt some lip-smacking dishes. I laud the efforts & stratagem of Truffle Nation and its entire team. Best wishes to y'all. Keep burgeoning

I could not imagine that my dream of turning into a successfully certified baker would turn real with such fluency. I owe my success in baking business to Truffle Nation where I got this opportunity to learn everything related to baking.

You can get the perfect guides to change all your fantasies of baking into a beautiful and fruitful reality. At Truffle Nation there are many courses and like me, you can choose the one that would help you in paving the path of your baking business.

When there is a will, there is away. My children taught me this when I became pessimistic about my passion for baking. They used to encourage me to do something with my skill and at Truffle Nation I had a beautiful learning experience.

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