5 Must Have Equipments You Need to Start a Commercial Bakery

Bakeries are simply one of the spectacular places to have a large variety of delectable desserts. These amazing savories are just enough to make your day go wow.

If you are more interested in feeding rather than having one savory daily or if you have been always looking to open your own bakery, make sure that you are ready with all the necessities you need to open a bakery.

Bringing a smile to your customer’s face is not that difficult if you focus on quality instead of quantity. Get all the high-quality essentials you need to run your bakery and start this new venture with more confidence. Here’s a list of the predominant pieces of equipment for your bakery.

Commercial Bakery Ovens

The very first thing to have in your bakery and perhaps the most important investment you need to make it in your oven. After all, your hard work and all the dedication will only show up when your preparation all goes into the baking process.

And for that, what your bakery need is a good-quality bakery oven you can rely on for the years to come. Choose an oven according to what type of products you are going to make, the volume of the product and other stuff.

Dough Dividers

When you need to make buns, small loaves of bread and rolls, nothing could be better than a dough divider, which is used to maintain constant and even divisions of your dough. Dough dividers/ rounders are available in different shapes like round, square and octagonal.

At a push of the button, you can easily divide and round the dough so that it’s there for you to bake or mould in other shapes.

From table-top units to large-scale production lines, the equipment is available in a wide range of sizes. Get one according to your needs.

Commercial Mixer

From countertop models to floor units, you can find several different types of commercial mixers in the market.

Well, bakeries can earn benefit by having large floor units along with some countertop units that are very portable and allows you to mix small batches of icings or fillings easily and quickly as well.

Go through a detailed commercial mixer guide and see which one is the most suitable for you. One should match the capabilities of the mixer to what they want the mixer should do for them.

Bakery Proofboxes

A proof-box or a proofing cabinet is yet important equipment for your kitchen if by any chance you want to master in the art of making bread or pastries or anything that needs rising dough.

Proofbox allows you to control the temperature and humidity in the cabinet in all respects, thus, allows you to have a control over the proofing process of the product.

Proofboxes are there in full-size units that allow you to roll-in 1 or more full sized racks.

Also, there are some smaller units that allow you to fit a number of trays of product.

Reversible Dough Sheeters

This equipment is often considered as the best multi-tasker one can have in their bakery. Sheet the croissant dough in the morning and fondant afterwards, the equipment uses a table and passes the dough back and forth between two large rollers.

You just need to lower the roller opening with every consecutive pass and you can easily sheet your dough thinner and thinner.

Reversible dough sheeter also has an optional cutting attachment that makes the product more versatile and provides you with a capacity to sheet pie crust, cookies, donuts and much more.

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