Are You Ready to Become a Professional Baker and Start Your Own Profitable Bakery or Cafe Business in the next 6 months?!

This 4 Month Complete Baker’s Diploma course takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need from learning how to make the perfect macarons to how to profitably get new customers for your business, we give you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own bakery business.

Hundreds of aspiring bakers have kickstarted their professional baking career with Truffle Nation. 

We want you to be our next big success story!

Introducing the Complete Baker's Diploma Course​...

What if you could learn all the baking plus, marketing skills needed to start a cafe in just 6-8 months?

We are serious, just like Stainzein, Nilza, Suprabha, Devika, PrabhNoor, Manisha, Sanchit and countless other students of Truffle Nation, you can too learn the skills you need to become an independent professional pastry chef and start your own bakeries, café’s and Patisseries.

So how did they do it?

Well, with the help of TruffleNation’s Complete Diploma Course.

It is more like a step-by-step blueprint to start your own bakery /cafe business.

The course is designed to give you the skills you need to add, market and deliver a large range of baked items to your menu giving you and your customers a wide range of options to consume.

Did you know that any new bakery or cafe has an 80% chance of failing in the first 5 years?

Shocking, isn’t it? But why is the survival rate so low?

From overstaffing, poor marketing tactics, wrong pricing, lack of original ideas to no market research, these are some of the biggest reasons why your dream cafe is bound to fail.

And while you can learn baking at many schools across India, very few prepare you for the other challenges (because running a profitable bakery/cafe isn’t just about baking but also selling).

But don’t let these challenges stop you from dreaming big and opening your cafe.

Yes, it is at risk and yes, you might have to shut shop as well. After all no customers = no profits.

This is why we at TruffleNation designed the Complete Baker's Diploma Course .

The all in one course has been designed for anyone with a dream to kick-start their own bakery, cafe or home bakery.

That is because this course isn’t just about baking the perfect macarons, bread, tarts or chocolate but also about how to sell them and continue to get new customers for your business.

But why should you Trust Truffle Nation?

For starters, you get GET CERTIFIED as a Truffle Nation Bakery Chef and be completely ready to start your own bakery/cafe.

Oh, and it is all hands-on.

That means we put you in the chef’s hat and let you learn as you actually bake everything by yourself (no more watching how to bake, you are in charge now).

And so you get personal attention, we have 1 professional chef mentor for every 4 students.

Plus, everything you bake, you can take home and show-off to and share with your loved ones.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Course:

There is nothing better than a batch of freshly baked cookies. Learn this art and science behind cookie making without the use of any preservatives. The module covers a total of 10 categories of cookies:

Make flaky pies and tarts in the easiest way possible now. In this module you will learn 5 categories of pies/tarts along with theory and science behind baking them.

Making fancy cupcakes and wholesome muffins is not difficult anymore. With our perfect recipes, you will learn the skills to make cupcakes and muffins without any hassle.

With our celebration cake course, you will learn the art of making professional designer cakes.  You’ll learn everything from piping techniques, working with fondant to assembling a 3-tier Wedding cake.

This module introduces you to a wide range of foundational as well as artisanal breads. The art of bread making module covers a wide range of breads, some being: Baguette, White Bread Loaf, Focaccia, Garlic Bread and 10 additional breads from other parts of the world.

The professional baking for cafe owners Mastercourse prepares you for all recipes that you need to run a cafe. 

The travel cakes module is an extension to the celebration cake module and covers over 8 varieties of every day travel cakes. You’ll learn garnishing and topping skills that will take your cake decorations to the next level..

Enter into the vast world of fondant sugar craft. This 4 day course will take you from a complete beginner to a skilled fondant artist. In this module, we cover making fondant from scratch, fondant decorations like human and animal figurines, sugar lace and creating a complete fondant cake.

The chocolate artistry takes you from a baker to a proficient chocolatier skilled enough to make your very own chocolate sculptures. This course covers everything from the basics of chocolate making to tempering to the art of making bon bons and even chocolate sculptures.

Module 10 is all about baking high tea cakes and cookies. How to set, de-mould and garnish cold set desserts, We will also learn how to bake different Viennoiseries.

This Module is dedicated to the art of French baking. The students get to know and experience the technicalities behind classic french desserts. This week will also teach you everything that you need to become a Macaron Master.

This Module teaches you how to give Entremets and Cakes textures by layering different components and assembling to create modern Delicacies. You also get introduced to the world of NEO Tarts.


Here you will learn the differences between sorbets, gelato and ice creams. We’ll also take an in-depth look at how to build a design sense and plate desserts in a contemporary way.


But wait, That's Not All!

You'll also learn this One Core SkillSet critical to your success!

Remember we told you baking is also about selling your baked food.

This is why the course also includes Deep Dive Business Strategy Classes.

From teaching you how to price your baked items, doing market research, menu planning to running ads on the right channels, marketing your bakery/cafe is about to get a whole lot cheaper and simpler.

Now, it is time you took action toward achieving your dreams and running a profitable cafe.

Learn How these Aspiring Bakers Became Professional Pastry Chefs after Graduating from Truffle Nation.

"I had a really amazing experience at Truffle Nation. Learnt how to work like a professional chef from the amazing chefs here."


"The Chefs at Truffle Nation are really helpful, we get to test and experiment with a lot of new recipes which was one of the best parts of learning here."

~ Dhristi

"Truffle Nation felt like a home to me, having one chef for every four students was really comforting. They always encourage us to try new recipes."


Here's How to Enroll for this Course:

We have over 300 people applying every month for professional courses but we can select only 10 students for our professional courses.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a BossBaker?



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Fee Structure for this Course

For the convenience of our students, this 4 month, all-inclusive Diploma Course has been priced at just ₹2,85,000. The same curriculum goes for ₹3,25,000 when paid individually .

You can enrol in the course by paying the booking amount of ₹40,000 and the rest can be paid in upto 2 instalments over the duration of your course.

You can enrol in the course by paying the booking amount of ₹25,000 and the rest can be paid in upto 2 instalments over the duration of your course.

The price includes everything you’ll require for your course and you will not have to bring anything except your passion with you to complete the course and become an expert baker.

One Time Payment of just


Or Three Small Payments of

Course Schedule and Dates

The Next Batch of Complete Baker’s Diploma Course starts in March 2021.

The classes will be held from 1:30 pm to 4:30pm at the Truffle Nation Saket Branch, New Delhi.

Next Batch Starts in:



What Our Other Students Have to Say About Us

Had great experience here. I have learned so much from Truffle Nation. Chefs are so hardworking and so nice to everyone. Had an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend Truffle Nation.😍.

“I recently joined truffle nation in june month..! I have wonderful experience, the chef’s having immense knowledge, they motivated us very well, personally i love way they teach, great experience with team Truffle Nation.”

“I joined Truffle Nation's January 2019 & i will say it was the best decision ever. Their way of teaching is really good and all the chefs have immense knowledge. They have been very helpful in my journey of becoming who i am today. Thank you Truffle Nation, you have always been supportive ❤.”

Lovely experience...one must join truffle nation to have hands on experience...best place for one who wants to learn baking from the scratch under the guidance of best chefs of truffle nation 💕

Frequently Asked Questions

Truffle Nation is Located in the heart of Delhi. However, 4 out of 5 students that join Truffle Nation are from outstation cities.

We have specially designed our courses for the Indian Baker who wants to be their own boss and start their own home bakeries, retail bakeries and cafes.

We truly believe in the value of skill over fickle degrees and our goal is to put you in a position where you control how you want to take your career as a baker forward.

With our diploma course, we take you by the hand, starting from scratch and teach you everything you need to deliver a superior culinary experience to your customers. From cupcakes and three-tier cakes, you’ll learn everything you need to start your own bakery.

Plus, when you’re ready to start, we hold 1-on-1 personalised business strategy and marketing sessions with our marketing head to help you position yourself for success.

Anybody above the age of 14 can join our classes. However, we would suggest students to be over 16 to join our diploma classes. There’s no upper age limit

  1. Once you have decided what course you’d like to join you can simply pay the booking amount for that particular course and complete the registration form by visiting any of our branches for consultation.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge or bring anything with you to learn at Truffle Nation. We provide you with everything from an apron to the state-of-the-art equipment to learn ande master your

All of our courses are available in eggless variations. All of our students get recipes in both egg/eggless versions.

We maintain a very strict a 1:6 ratio of instructor to student. So for every 6 students, we’ll have one dedicated mentor chef who’ll personally help you out with the recipes, doubts and the prep your menu.

We have only two branches in New Delhi. The Diploma courses are held in our state-of-the-art Saket Branch and our non-professional smaller courses are held in the Malviya Nagar Branch.

Our courses are designed to turn you into a skillful baker in months if not weeks!

All of our courses are fast paced. Our mini courses and workshops are generally 3-10 days long while our professional courses take 1-3 months to complete.

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