7 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making with your Pancakes

Want to enjoy a classic breakfast every day?

Believe it or not but nothing is better than having those golden and fluffy pancakes served with Nutella, maple syrup and snow sugar on it. Well, you can have your pancakes in other ways also but here we are not going to discuss how you can make them in the most delicious way.

But the common mistakes you commit while making them, which are just enough to ruin your amazing breakfast.

You use a spoon

The very first mistake that you people generally made is: using a wooden spoon or a spatula to mix the batter. Never do that again and instead… use a large whisk to do the same.

The reason why a larger one is preferable because it helps to whip more air and make the fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever have.

You over-beat the batter

Let this thing stick to your memory that you’ll not mix the batter to death. Whenever you put an extra effort to whisk out those little lumps, you’re actually over-beating the batter.

A little lumpy batter is far better than an over-beaten batter.

When you do the mixing more than your recipe calls for, more gluten is formed that means you’re going to give chewy and tough pancakes as the final result.

You don’t let the batter rest

Remember this formula that being patient is the only key to success with pancakes. Thus, never start making your pancakes right after you’re done with the mixing of wet and dry ingredients.

Always let the batter first rest for at least 5-30 minutes. This will help the gluten to relax and the starch in the flour will absorb the liquid in the batter, thus, makes it thicker.

You use the wrong fat

You’ll always get some buttery pancakes only when you grease your skillet with butter.

Swap your butter with some oil like olive or canola oil.

Here’s why.. butter comes with a low smoke point and burn easily in the pan that just ends up with a blackened flapjack and a smoggy kitchen.

And you don’t want that, right?

You pour the oil straight into the pan

If you just pour a stream of oil in your pan then you are absolutely wrong. Yes, you should never do like that. Instead, take a paper towel and pour your oil onto that and then you rub that around the pan.

When you pour the oil, it doesn’t fall uniformly and you simply end up with some unevenly cooked pancakes. When you use a paper towel to apply the oil, it hit every part of the batter and gives you evenly cooked pancakes.

Cooking at the wrong temperature

Now, there’s no doubt in it that you just want your pancakes as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean you start cooking at a higher temperature.

There are possibilities that you might burn them even before the middle part cooks.

Cooking on a too-cold pan will also leave you with not-so-good pancakes because the cakes will absorb the oil before you even start to cook.

To get crispy pancakes and fluffy on the inside, you need to set the temperature at a medium level and let it heat up for at least 3 minutes before you pour down the batter.

You flip them too soon or too late

You should flip your pancake just once, that’s it. When you flip them many times or before time, it’ll make them deflate meaning there will be no fluffiness. Calm down your pancakes will themselves tell you when it is done. When the bubbles burst, this is the correct time to give them a flip.


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