The Next Batch starts on 16th December 2019

Ready to Become a Professional Baker and Start Your Own Profitable Home Bakery in the next 6-8 months!

This 3 Month Complete Baker’s Certification course takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need from learning how to make the perfect macarons to how to profitably get new customers for your business, we give you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own bakery business.

What is the Baker's Certification Course?

We're the perfect fit if you want to start your own bakery or cafe buisness..
All of our courses are designed to help you have the knowledge, tools and resources you need to start your own culinary businesses.

So many of you ask us how you can start your career as a professional baker and build the foundation you need to start your home bakery business.

We’ve listened.
And for the past few months, we’ve been flat out creating the DEFINITIVE one-stop solution to your problem. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to the Baker’s Certification Course.

Our Baker’s Certification Course teaches you….

Over 8 different categories of baking where you learn to bake everything from cookies to celebration cakes, in a completely hands-on, personalised training environment.

You also get 3 deep-dive personalised marketing and branding session where we help you understand your market and help you build a complete home bakery business plan so that you know exactly what you need to do once you graduate from Truffle Nation.


INSIDE: Learn Exactly How You Can Start (Or Rapidly Grow) Your Own Home Bakery Business!

Module 1: The Art of Cooking Making Masterclass

Nothing smells better than a freshly baked batch of cookies. Learn the art and science of baking those picture perfect cookies with our Art of Cooking Making Masterclass

Module 2: Complete Pies and Tarts MasterClass

Learn how to make those perfect flaky pies and tarts in the easiest way possible. In this module, you'll learn over 5 different categories of pies and tarts along with understanidng the science and theory behind them.

Module 3: Cupcakes and Muffins Masterclass

Making fancy cupcakes and wholesome muffins is not difficult anymore. With our perfect recipes, you will learn the skills to make cupcakes and muffins without any hassle. This course covers seven primary categories.

Module 4: Celebration Cakes Certification Course

This course covers all the things you need to know about baking and decorating cakes. You’ll learn everything from piping techniques, working with fondant to assembling a 4-tier cake.

Module 5: Complete Artisanal Bread Baker’s Course

This course introduces you to a wide range of foundational as well as artisanal breads. This two-one hour intensive course will enable you to open your own boulangerie.

Module 6: Professional Baking for Cafe Owners MasterCourse

The professional baking for cafe owners mastercourse prepares you for all recipes that you need to run a cafe.
Here, we cover a wide range of recipes that's critical for anybody who wants to start their own cafe.

Module 7: Travel Cakes MasterClass

The travel cakes module is an extension to the celebration cake module and covers over 8 varieties of every day travel cakes.
You’ll learn advanced garnishing and topping skills that will take your cake decorations to the next level.

Module 8: Fondant SugarCraft Masterclass

This 4 day course will take you from a complete beginner to a skilled fondant artist.

In this module, we cover making fondant from scratch, fondant decorations like human and animla figurines, sugar lace and creating a complete fondant cake.

Module 9: Chocolate Artistry and Confectionary MasterCourse

The chocolate artistry takes you from a baker to a proficient chocolatier skilled enough to make your very own chocolate sculptures.
This course covers everything from the basics of chocolate making to tempering to the art of making bon bons and even chocolate sculptures.

Take the First Step Towards your Passion towards Serving customers through your very own Bakery/Cafe Business.

Visit Stanzein's Cafe in Leh

We have helped a lot of bakers realise their dream of starting their bakeries and cafes.
Here's what Stanzein has to say:

Wanting to start your own cafe and not knowing where to start can be a frustrating experience.

Kirty and the whole team of chefs at Truffle Nation helped me build out the skills and mindset required to bake and serve the best delicacies in my newly opened cafe in the heart of Leh.

The next time you’re in Leh, do visit MYCafe Let for a strong cup of cappuccino and our favourite red velvet cake.

Staenzin – MyCafeLeh

Never Seen Before: Three Deep Dive Branding and Marketing Sessions!

  • Hi, I'm Karan. I'm an entrepreneur who has single handedly sold over 40 Crores worth of products via Google and Facebook and grown multiple brands from Zero to over 2.5 Cr in Annual sales in a span of 18 months. I'll be leading your Business sessions on Brand building and marketing.

Session 1: Finding your Market

At Truffle Nation, we believe that every business starts with an audience in mind and finding your perfect market is a key variable to success.

In this session, we give you the tools and framework you need to decide your market.

Session 2: Choose your Business Model

When starting a F&B business there are a lot of different models you can go for depending on your economical, social and personal preferences. In this session, we discuss the pros and cons of the different types of business models you can pursue.

Session 3: Create a Product Line

Once we have the audience and the business model in place, it's time to talk about creating a product line for your business and how to go about pricing them.

Access to a Complete Toolkit

As a certification student, you also get our Chef's Toolkit, which is a collection of vendors, tools, templates and frameworks that you can use to efficiently start and run your bakery/cafe business.

Order a Cake from Nilza's SweetHome Bakery Cafe

Here's what she has to say:

I always wanted start my own home baking business and that’s what took me to Truffle Nation. I took the Baker’s Diploma course and learnt everything from baking celebration cakes to over 6 different types of breads and everything in between.

I’ve not only started my own home baking business back in my hometown of Leh, but I’ve also baked the Birthday Cake for his holiness Dalai Lama on their 83rd Birthday.

Nilza’s Sweet Home Bakery

How to Enroll for the Baker's Certification Prgoram

If you’ve gone through all the details and you’re serious about joining Truffle Nation’s Bakers Certification Program. Just fill out the form below and we’d be happy to help you through the registration process.

Fee Structure

If you were to take all the modules individually, you could’ve ended up paying upwards of 3 Lakh rupees. 

However, for your convenience, the fees for the Certification Course which includes everything mentioned above, the Fee is just Rs. 1,75,000 including GST and all taxes.

To book your seat, you pay us a Rs. 30,000 booking amount and the rest of the fees can be paid in two instalments.

Course Schedule and Dates

The Next Batch of Complete Baker’s Diploma Course starts on 19th February 2020.

The classes will be held from 9:30 pm to 12:30pm at the Truffle Nation Saket Branch, New Delhi.

Next Batch Starts in: