Do You Want Learn How to Bake and Decorate Elegant and Delicious Wedding Cakes in Just 7 Short Days?

This 7-Day Celebrations Cake Certification Course teaches you everything you need from learning how to make the perfect sponge to crumb coating to completely baking and designing your very first 3-tier wedding cake, all from the comfort of your home!

Hundreds of aspiring bakers have learnt how to make beautiful, professional cakes and started their own cakeries.

We want you to be our next big success story!

Introducing the Complete Celebration Cakes Online Certification Course...

As a home baker, seeing your family enjoy the delicious recipes baked by you, is the ultimate dream.

But doing this, can be a struggle and the right information is so difficult to find.

In the Celebration Cakes Certification Course, you’ll learn to bake mouthwatering recipes like Tiramisu Cake, Red velvet Cake, 3-Tier Wedding Cake and more, that will make you a star in your family.

Don’t be surprised, if your family starts calling you a Chef, after you bake these recipes for them.

*Learn The Science Behind Baking*

For home bakers like you, baking is more than your passion, it is your way of expressing your love and creativity on a plate.

But every professional baker understands that, to create art, they first need to master the science.

Through this course, you’ll learn the science behind cakes, the magic of different ingredients and techniques to correctly measure (and adjust) ingredients.

Through these fundamentals, you will be able to recreate the recipes taught by us, but this foundation, will also help you to create your own recipes and

*Turn your Passion into a Home Business*

This course is primarily designed to help you with baking delicious cakes every single time.

With these advanced skills, you can also create your own home baking business. To help you with that, we share costing information of all the ingredients used…

plus, we reveal techniques used by bakeries, to increase shelf life of their baked goods, and how you can do that at home.

Imagine, getting orders for wedding cakes (which you will learn in this course) from your friends and neighbors.

Use your passion and love for baking and turn it into a small business for yourself.

This mastercourse helps you create your own #BossBaker Story.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Course:

  • History Of Cakes
  • Role Of Ingredients
  • Different Methods Of Cake Making
  • Types Of Sponge
  • Faults In Cake Making
  • Methods Of Cake Making
  • How To Store Your Cakes
  • List Of Tools And Equipments
  • Absolute Guide For Tiering Cakes
  • Learn How To Use Different Nozzles
  • Learn How To Pipe
  • Different Flowers, Borders
  • How To Work With Russian Nozzels
  • Learn How To Make Royal Icing And Write Names With It
  • Learn How To Use  Different Nozzles
  • Learn How To Pipe Different Flowers, Borders
  • How To Work With Russian Nozzels
  • Learn How To Make Royal Icing And Write Names With It
  • Get Printable Piping
  • Practice Templates 
  • Get Printable Piping Practice Templates
  • How To Crumb Coat And Trim A Cake
  • How To Work With Combs, Pallet Knife And Scraper
  • Technique Behind Getting Sharp Cake Edges Each Time
  • Learn How To Make Cake From Scratch
  • Mascrapone Frosting
  • Coffee Bean Reduction Syrup
  • Ombre Effect
  • How To Give Dripping Effect On Cakes
  • 3d Chocolate Garnish, Chocolate Collar
  • Learn How To Bake Classic Red Velvet Cake From Scratch
  • Get Eggless Recipe Pdf
    Red Velvet Cream Cheese Buttercream
  • How To Give Colour To Your Frosting
  • How To Create Stroke Effect
  • How To Make Geode Topper
  • Eggless recipe Attached
  • Learn How To Bake Chocolate Chiffon Cake
  • How To Make Milk Chocolate Mousse
  • How To Make Cherry Reduction
  • Chocolate Bark Decoration
  • Eggless recipe Attached
  • Learn How To Make American Chocolate Cake From Scratch
  • How To Temper Belgian Chocolaet Ganache
  • How To Make Mirror Glaze ( Gelatine Free)
    Chocolate Decorations
  • How To Use Gold Dust
  • Learn How To Make Sponge From Premix
  • Learn How To Carve Your Cakes
  • How To Frost It
  • How To Cover It With Fondant
  • How To Do Airbrushing
  • How To Crumb Coat A 3 Tier Wedding Cake
  • Learn How To Stack Your Cakes
  • Learn How To Decorate With Fresh Flowers

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Fee Structure for this Course

For the convenience of our students, this 7-day, all-inclusive Celebration Cakes Online Live Course has been priced at just ₹12,999, you can enrol in the course by clicking on the enrol now button. The pre-recorded course is available for just Rs. 9,999/-

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Course Schedule and Dates

The First Batch of Complete Online Cake Course starts on 15th September 2020.

The classes will be held from 11:00 am to 2:00pm online.

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My younger sister pursued her passion for baking from Truffle Nation, the Hogwarts of Baking. Throughout the course, she learnt some lip-smacking dishes. I laud the efforts & stratagem of Truffle Nation and its entire team. Best wishes to y'all. Keep burgeoning

I could not imagine that my dream of turning into a successfully certified baker would turn real with such fluency. I owe my success in baking business to Truffle Nation where I got this opportunity to learn everything related to baking.

You can get the perfect guides to change all your fantasies of baking into a beautiful and fruitful reality. At Truffle Nation there are many courses and like me, you can choose the one that would help you in paving the path of your baking business.

When there is a will, there is away. My children taught me this when I became pessimistic about my passion for baking. They used to encourage me to do something with my skill and at Truffle Nation I had a beautiful learning experience.

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