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This 10-Day Celebrations Cake Certification Course takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need from learning how to make the perfect sponge to crumb coating to completely baking and designing your very first 3-tier wedding cake!

Introducing the Celebration Cakes Certification Course​...​

Maybe you are a complete novice with no idea of how to bake a perfect sponge, or maybe, you already own a small baking business that you want to scale with wedding cakes and 3D cakes.

But for most passionate bakers in India, learning these techniques is tough.

Let’s not kid ourselves, no one ever became a professional by watching YouTube videos, and even if you did join some classes, most of them do not cover all the techniques.

For example, did you know there are over 50+ piping techniques and accessories alone? But guess what, there is a good chance you won’t be taught more than the basic techniques.

Or that you can even air brush your cakes? Or that there isn’t just one buttercream and frosting?

Probably not.

And in case they did cover the courses, these are divided into many shorter courses making it confusing and worse, super expensive.

So if you are scared about your business going shut as it does not meet expected standards, we get you.

Because as scary as it is, most new baking businesses have just a 25% chance of surviving the first year.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Course:

Module 1: Theory​

You’ll learn the role of Ingredients, methods of cake making, types of sponges, mistakes to avoid while baking, how to reduce cost and how to store cakes the right way.

Module 2: Basic Sponge Preparation​

The sponge is the foundation of the cake and in this module we’ll teach you everything there is in getting fluffy, airy cake sponges each time you bake.

Module 3: Crumb Coating

Crumb coating is the first layer of icing and helps block out the crumbs. It is on this that you will be pipping the cream and adding the decoration so doing it right is key.

Module 4: Pipping Techniques

From Shell borders, Rope Border to making Wild Rose Flowers on your cake, this module covers everything there is to pipping so you get picture-perfect cakes each time. 

Module 5: Basic Cakes​

As for basic cakes you will learn to make the perfect Red Velvet Cake (sells like crazy) and Tiramisu Cake.

Module 6: Advanced Cakes​

Here you’ll be taught a German Black Forest Cake, a New York Style Cheesecake and a Chocolate Cake with Mirror Glaze.

Module 7: 3D Cakes

This module teaches you 3d Cakes like a Flower Pot Cake. You’ll learn to shape the cakes and can further go on to make other designs as well. It is one of the most profitable and in-demand cakes.

Module 8: 3 -Tier Cakes ​

Tiered cakes are again some of the most in-demand and profitable cakes but hard to get right. Hence, here you will learn to layer them and cream it so it remains stable and looks amazing.

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Fee Structure for this Course​

For the convenience of our students, this 10-day, all-inclusive  Celebration Cakes Course has been priced at just ₹49,999, you can enrol in the course by paying the booking amount of ₹15,000.

The price includes everything you’ll require for your course and you will not have to bring anything except your passion with you to complete the course and become an expert baker.

One Time Payment of just​

₹75,000 ₹49,999

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