Best Flavors and Extracts used in Baking

What would you prefer the most, a cake with a lot of chopped cherries or a cake which is giving you the same exotic taste with no cherries on the top? Well, it is very easy to work with extract or flavor than adding the actual ingredient itself, which even gives you tastier and more even result. In fact, 8 out of 10 times your recipe asks you to move towards the extract or flavor. So what are those alluring bottles of flavors and extracts? Check out our list of those tantalizing bottles and enhance your baking experience without any fuss.


Almond Extract

If you want to give your pastries like croissants, cookies, and turnovers a sweet and nutty essence, almond extract is that thing for you.

For a sweet and nutty flavor, use almond extract. 

The extract is available in water or dairy soluble water, alcohol and glycerin base.

Tahitian Vanilla Extract

The extract is made from the Tahitian Vanilla beans, found in the South Pacific. The beans are shorter, plumper, and contain high water and oil content juxtaposed to vanilla planifolia.

These beans give your baked goods a fruitier and their more floral aroma works best with European gourmet cooks. The extract is found in water or dairy soluble water and alcohol base.

Vanilla Extract

Here comes the most popular extract used in baking. It gives your baked goods a different yet subtle flavor. This extract is extracted from the vanilla beans that have been soaked in alcohol and is used to give tempting flavors to your desserts, baked goods, and ice-cream.

This most popular extract is ideal for baking different baked goods. 

The extract can be used in savory dishes and is available in water or dairy soluble water and alcohol base.

Indonesia Vanilla Extract

These vanilla beans are processed in a way that their intense flavor goes well while cooking. To get best results in your baked goods and hot cocoa don’t forget to add this superb extract. It is available in water or dairy soluble water and alcohol base.

Chocolate Extract

Give your chocolate milkshakes, cheesecakes, puddings, and whipped cream a great flavor and enhance them with the amazing chocolate extract.

Use chocolate extract to give your desserts a great flavor. 

You need to 1-2 tablespoons in 2 cups of whipped cream to make delicious chocolaty dessert topping. The extract is available in water or dairy soluble agave syrup, alcohol and water base.


Almond Flavor

The best thing about the almond flavor is that it won’t evaporate on heating the almond extract. Without any worries, you can add it to your favorite frosting, cookies or meringue recipes.

Since it doesn't evaporate on heating, use the flavor in your favorite recipes. 

To make your waffle, pancake or French toast batter much better, add this flavor and it can do wonders. The flavor is available in water or dairy soluble water and glycerin base.

Banana Flavor

Well, bananas are found in tropics but their taste is something that is admired worldwide. Add a little banana flavor to your chocolate sauces, milkshakes, pancakes, French toast or fruit smoothies and see the magic.

And don’t miss it your banana bread recipe because nothing could be much better than this flavor to enhance its taste. It is available in oil soluble canola oil base.

Cinnamon Flavor

This one is used when the powder would get in the way of moisture in recipes. To give your cookie, pancake, waffle or cake batters a special treat just add a few drops of it in the batter.

Cinnamon flavor is best used to give a special treat to the baked goods. 

Add cinnamon flavor, cloves and cinnamon stick to a quart of simmering water to make a non-edible kitchen aromatic. It is available in soluble sunflower seed oil base.

Butter Flavor

Here we are with the secret weapon for those who are on dieting. Not just baking but without any fat, you can add a few drops of it while cooking vegetables.

But remember, you can do the same for replacing shortening or fat while baking but can be a part of baking recipes to add flavor. It is available in oil soluble canola oil base.

Lemon Flavor

This flavor is generally added to give your baked goods a stronger flavor than lemon juice. You can use it in your cakes, frostings, puddings, sorbets, muffins, bars, icings, and frostings.

A stronger flavor can be easily given to the baked items using lemon flavor. 

In fact, you can try it in a dash of hot and cold tea. It is available in soluble canola oil base.

Butterscotch Flavor

When brown sugar and butter are blended together gives you the taste of butterscotch. The reason why it is called butterscotch because of the candy that was poured out to cool and then ‘scotched’ before it was broken into pieces.

This particular flavor is best and goes handily for puddings, candy, coffee, icings, and milkshakes. It is available in the water-soluble glycerin base.

Orange Flavor

Well, if you are not satisfied with the intensity of the flavor of orange juice, add this flavor and it’ll give your baked goods a stronger taste.

This one can give even stronger flavor than lemon to your muffins, bread etc. 

Try adding this citrus to your muffins, bread, icings, puddings, and ice-cream without squeezing the actual fruit. The flavor is available in oil soluble sunflower seed oil base.

Peppermint Flavor

Well, this one goes best with holiday baking, sinful drinks, and chocolates. Use this flavor in scones, brownies, frosting, homemade ice-cream, and cupcakes. It is available in oil soluble sunflower seed oil base.

Coffee Flavor

Now, there’s no need to add a large amount of liquid brewed coffee to your recipe because this flavor is able to give your recipe a stronger flavor.

Now get your favorite coffee flavor even in your favorite baked items.

Try to make it a part of recipes like brownies, hot fudge, milkshakes, tiramisu, hot cocoa, and homemade ice-cream. It is available in water-soluble glycerin and water base.

Maple Flavor

Make your brownie, taffy, frosting recipes, and fudge more interesting with maple flavor. You can even try dash or two in barbecue sauce, soups, hot cereals, muffins, bread, cookies, and pies.

If you are bored with the same old squash flavors, try out this delicious maple flavor. The flavor is available in water-soluble glycerin and water base.

Raspberry Flavor

You might know this but your chocolate sauces, puddings, icings, and whipped cream can become much better with this delicious raspberry flavor.

A sweet and delicious flavor can be given using raspberry flavor. 

You can even add a few drops of it into vinaigrettes to get a berry taste. Add ½ teaspoon with per pint of tea to make the best raspberry iced tea. This one is available in water-soluble glycerin and water base.

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