3 Unique Bakery Trends to Grow Your Home Bakery/Cafe in 2020!

Every year there are new unknown opportunities that pop-up in the culinary industry that can take an average cafe to becoming the new trending cafe in the city.

However, you need to separate the fad (short term trends) from the long term trends that are actually creating a new demand in the market.

I’ve discovered 3 new trends in the baking industry that you can capitalise on in 2020 and create your own successful venture in the industry without having to compete with the mainstream.

1. Keto-Cookies and Brownies

Keto has been all the rage and there’s little sign of it dying down. How many people do you see talking about Keto and how many bakeries do you know that offer good Keto products?

Well, there’s a definite need in the market for well-made Ketogenic products like Keto-cookies and Keto-brownies.

2. Gluten Free Baked Products

The shift towards gluten free eating has been gaining popularity since the past few years and this shift towards eating habits is definitely not going away.

Offering Gluten Free Products will bring you loyal health-conscious clientele that will buy from you for years just because they don’t already have a lot of options available in the market.

3. Vegan Bakery

We recently did a small test where we started a small Instagram page promoting vegan products to show our students how they can start and grow their home bakery business and the response has been over-whelming.

There’s a proven growing interest among vegan foodies and this is one market that you can get behind.

We’ll be sharing 3 more trends next week that are coming up in the market.

Also, we have an amazing French baking workshop coming up on 28th March that you can checkout.

In this workshop, we’ll be covering 4 different unique French recipes the will take you baking skills to the next level.

I hope you’ll take action on the three trends that you just read about and capitalise on them to grow your bakery business.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the top 3 social media platforms every baker needs to use (and how to use them) to get more customers.


Karan Labra

Head of Growth and Business Strategy.

P.S. I’d love to know if there’s something specific you need help with, I’d love to answer that for you.

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