Baker's Essentials MasterCourse

Our Baker’s Essentials Course teaches you 6 different categories of baking where you learn to bake everything from cookies to a complete cake mastery in a completely hands-on, personalised training environment. It is perfect if you’re just getting started and want to build out a solid foundations as a baker.

You can learn to bake lip-smacking cookies, cakes, tarts, pies and much more in just a month!

Do you ever visit your favorite bakery, see all those delicious pies, tarts, cookies or dessert and wish you could make them at home?

Let’s be honest, not all of us see baking as a career. For some of us it is just about the warm, fuzzy feeling seeing those cakes and cookies rising in the oven creates.

But just because you don’t want to sell your cakes, does not mean you aren’t passionate about it and cannot make professional level cakes, tarts, etc. for yourself.

And why shouldn’t baking be a hobby.

Believe it or not, experts like Donna Pincus, an associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Boston University believes that baking can be therapeutic, just like knitting or painting. Here’s what she said.

“There is a stress relief that people get from having some kind of an outlet and a way to express themselves.”

Plus, it will also improve your thinking skills, creativity, patience, and focus (probably one of the biggest reasons to actually take baking up as a hobby).

Not to forget, you will be an absolute rockstar amongst your friends and family.

But for hobbyists bakers, learning these basic and advanced techniques can be really tough.

And one of the main roadblocks is the lack for specialized courses.

Yes! most of the skills are scattered across numerous smaller courses which means you will need to sign up for different courses to learn cookies, tarts, cakes, fondant Sugarcraft and so on.

This ultimately costs you way more and it is super confusing as well.

Plus, most of the classes are really crowded which means you get little to no attention.

This means you are most likely to turn to YouTube videos and online articles for help (trust us, nobody became an experts like that, ever).

And when you fail even after spending thousands, watching a bunch of videos and reading the articles, you are very likely to give up, right?

Oh, yes you can order online but that isn’t cheap either which means most often your deepest cravings will go unfulfilled.

This is why we at TruffleNation designed the Baker's Essentials Course for the Hobby Baker in You!

A course where you will learn 6 different categories of baking which includes cookies to a complete cake and fondant mastery in just 1-month.

We take learning to a whole new level by making all our classes hands-on. This means we teach you to pre-heat, measure, mix, bake, and more so are not just watching or hearing how to bake anymore.

And we have 1 professional chef for every 4 students so you get the individual attention you really deserve.

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to.

Here’s what our students have to say…

And some have even gone to run a home baking business after it (just in case you ever decide to change your mind too).

But why should you Trust Truffle Nation?

For starters, you get GET CERTIFIED as a Truffle Nation Bakery Chef in the celebrations cake course.

Oh, and it is all hands-on.

That means we put you in the chef’s hat and let you learn as you actually bake everything by yourself (no more watching how to bake, you are in charge now).

And so you get personal attention, we have 1 professional chef mentor for every 4 students.

Plus, everything you bake, you can take home and show-off to and share with your loved ones.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Course:

  • Module 1: The Art of Cooking Making Masterclass

The smell of freshly baked cookies never ceases to amaze and we will teach you everything there is to baking cookies just as yummy as the bakery next to your house.

  • Module 2: Complete Pies and Tarts MasterClass

This module covers 5 different categories of pies and tarts. Plus, you will also learn the science and theory behind how they become so flaky and other important aspects.

  • Module 3: Cupcakes and Muffins Masterclass

Craving for a Blueberry muffin, red velvet cupcake, etc. only to balk at the high cost at the nearby coffee shop? Well, soon you will be able to bake anything from 7 categories of muffins and cupcakes right in your kitchen.


  • Module 4: Celebration Cakes Certification Course

From regular birthday cakes to jaw-dropping 3 or 4-tier cakes, this module includes it all. Basic and advanced piping techniques is also part of this module and thus is helpful whether you want a business in the future or just baking a cake for your mother on Mother’s Day.

  • Module 5: Travel Cakes MasterClass

Don’t think you learnt enough cakes in the previous module? Well, we’ll teach you another 8 varieties of travel cakes your friends and family are going to go gaga over.


Plus, it also covers advanced garnishing and toppings that will take your cake decorations to the next level.  

  • Module 6: Fondant SugarCraft Masterclass

In this module, we cover making fondant from scratch, fondant decorations like human and animal figurines, sugar lace and creating a complete fondant cake.

In short, you will be a master at fondant in just 4-days

Are you Ready to Take your Baking Skills to the Next Level?

We are offering this entire course for just Rs. 50,000.

It is one of the tiniest investments you will be putting into your passion and career and is way cheaper than hiring professionals to do the job.

Not to forget, all that knowledge puts you firmly in charge of the most important aspect of your cafe, the kitchen.

And no other school in India has such a course so hurry up and make your move today. There are only 5 seats remaining.

Enter your details, hit that Enroll button and take your bakery to the next level in just 8 days.

  1. A Theoretical Approach to Cakes
  2. Basic Sponge Preparation
  3. Crumb Coating
  4. 3D Carving
  5. Commercial Cakes
  6. Different Buttercreams and Frostings
  7. Basic Piping Techniques
  8. Advanced Piping Techniques
  9. Airbrushing Techniques
  10. Glazing
  11. Chocolate Decoration
  12. 3-Tier Wedding Cakes


Now, it is time you took action toward achieving your dreams and running a profitable cafe .

Here's How to Enroll for this Course:


Choose Your Favourite Baking Course


Fill Out the Application Form


Pay Booking Amount and Start Baking!

Fee Structure for this Course

For the convenience of our students, this 8 Day, all-inclusive Course has been priced at just ₹49,999, you can enrol in the course by paying the booking amount of ₹20,000 and the rest can be paid till the day before your MasterClass.

The price includes everything you’ll require for your course and you will not have to bring anything except your passion with you to complete the course and become an expert baker.

One Time Payment of just


Course Schedule and Dates

The next batch of Celebration Cakes Certification MasterCourse starts on 25th December 2019 with just seats limited to 20.

The classes will be held from 10:00 am to 1:00pm at the Truffle Nation Saket Branch, New Delhi.

Starting Date
Celebration Cakes Certification Course
25th December 2019
Celebration Cakes Certification Course
25th December 2019


What Our Other Students Have to Say About Us

Had great experience here. I have learned so much from Truffle Nation. Chefs are so hardworking and so nice to everyone. Had an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend Truffle Nation.😍.

“I recently joined truffle nation in june month..! I have wonderful experience, the chef’s having immense knowledge, they motivated us very well, personally i love way they teach, great experience with team Truffle Nation.”

“I joined Truffle Nation's January 2019 & i will say it was the best decision ever. Their way of teaching is really good and all the chefs have immense knowledge. They have been very helpful in my journey of becoming who i am today. Thank you Truffle Nation, you have always been supportive ❤.”

Lovely experience...one must join truffle nation to have hands on experience...best place for one who wants to learn baking from the scratch under the guidance of best chefs of truffle nation 💕

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