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With our personalized hands-on baking, chocolate making and Patissier courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a certified professional baker.

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After completing the courses, you can apply for our certification exam to become a TruffleNation Certified Baker, Chocolatiers or Patissiers.

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As a Truffle Nation Graduate, you get the exclusive opportunity to learn how to run and manage a high-end bakery.

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Truffle Nation offers you the unmatched hands-on baking experience where you actually bake everything all by yourself, while our chefs guide you through the process step-by-step.

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Planning to run a part-time bakery from home? Or looking to work at some of best bakeries?

With the Baking Essentials for Professional Bakers Course, we’ll help you build a strong foundation to kick-start your foray into the world of baking.

With the skill sets you gain, baking your everyday cookies, cupcakes and muffins will become a breeze.



  • A Complete Introduction to equipments and ingredients used in baking so you not only know ‘how’ but ‘why’.
  • The Art of Cookie Making Module covers not just recipes and baking of over 10 categories of cooking but also storing, packing and even reviving various cookies so no cookie in your bakery ever goes waste.
  • The Pies & Tarts, Cupcake & Muffins to Organic Breads modules covers over 25 different categories of baked goods so that you understand baking in and out and even create your own original recipes as a baker.
  • The Celebration cakes module covers everything you need to start your own cakery, from piping techniques to crafting a two-tier cake, we leave no technique untouched.

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”

 (or…Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

The Fact is, 

Most of us harbor the dream of running a baking business or joining a top-notch bakery but often fail to materialize.

And the reason is? Either the overpriced courses or lack of proper hands-on training. Well, at least UNTIL NOW.

At Truffle Nation, we give you step by step classes to help you become a professional baker and ultimately start a successful baking business.

With students successfully running their own bakeries and home businesses across the country, it’s now your time get in on the action.

Note: This course is suited for both, the hobbyist and the serious bakers.

This Course Covers...

Foundational Baking

The introductory class familiarises you with the very basics of baking, equipments needed and covers simple recipes like cookies, travel cake and more to help you get comfortable with baking.

The Art of Cookie Making

There is nothing better than a batch of freshly baked cookies. Learn this art of cookie making without the use of any preservatives. 

Pies and Tarts Masterclass

In this module you will learn 5 categories of pies/tarts including Contemporary, Classic, Savory pies/ tarts and more; along with theory and science behind baking them.

Gourmet Cupcakes & Muffins Masterclass

Making fancy cupcakes and wholesome muffins is not difficult anymore. With our perfect recipes, you will learn the skills to make cupcakes and muffins without any hassle.

This course covers these primary categories: Chocolate muffins, everyday muffins and healthy muffins, commercial cupcakes and fancy cupcakes.

Organic Breads

In the market full of breads made with chemicals and preservatives, we introduce you to the world of freshly baked organic breads.

The art of bread making module covers over 15 types of breads, some being: Lavash, White/Brown Bread, Focaccia, Garlic Bread, Parmesan Bread, Doughnut, Burger Buns, Dinner Rolls and many more from other parts of the world.

Celebration Cakes

With our celebration cake course, you will learn the art of making professional designer cakes. This course covers all the things you need to know about baking and decorating cakes.

You’ll learn everything from piping techniques, working with fondant to assembling a 3-tier dummy cake.


What You’ll Get:

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Complete Introduction to Baking
  • 5 Core Modules
  • 23 Hands-on Baking Lessons
  • All the In-Depth Learning material and Recipe Book


Course Details:


Tuition: ₹95,000/-

Level: Beginner

Setting: Completely Hands-on Course

Course Length: 4 Weeks 



 Plus, upon successfully completing the course and all exams you will also receive:


A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing

Status and recognition as a Truffle Nation Certified Baker’s Essentials Course Graduate

Take the Course

The Baker’s Diploma is a 8 week intensive training course, with 48 hands on classes.

Pass the Test

80% or better is required to pass the exam. Fee will be charged for additional attempts.

Get Certified

You’ll get a certification of excellence once you’ve passed all tests for the course.


About Your Instructor

Kanak is the Head Chef at Truffle Nation, Saket. Prior to joining Truffle Nation, Kanak has also worked with top 5-stars like Taj Vivanta and Taj Mahal after her BA (Hons) in Culinary Arts from IHM-A

She doesn’t just bring bags of experience to the table, her bubbly nature, chirpiness, and knowledge is everything baking is all about.

Transforming her mother’s dreams into one of her own, she does not have the word impossible in her dictionary and with her guiding you step by step, you won’t either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How will this certification course help me?

A: The Baker’s Essential Certificate is tangible proof that you posses the skill set and theoretical knowledge to handle every equipment and bake yummy cookies, cakes, tarts etc. day in and day out.

Plus, our certificates and Diploma are also recognised by banks which should help you avail a loan in case you need funding for your new bakery.

Q:”What are the class timings?”

A: There are mainly two available slots, 11am-2pm slot or the 3pm-6pm depending on the availability. If you need a special weekend batche or a different slot, get in touch with our team.

Q:”Will I get an internship after this course?”

A: This is a 1-month certification course and doesn’t include any internship. 

Q:”Will I be able to take home the products prepared in the class?”

A: Yes, we’d love for you to share the baked goodies with your near and dear ones and bring a smile on their faces as well.

Q:”What Happens in case I’m Absent for a class?”

A: While we strongly advice against missing any classes, but we understand things happen and if you’ve got a genuine reason, check with our team to have it rescheduled for later.