All you want to know about Ruby Chocolate

Good news: Now, the world has the fourth species of chocolate joining the milk, dark, and white family and yes, it’s PINK. What? Pink color? Oh! There must be some artificial food coloring or any other agent added to it. We know your mind must be surrounded by questions or confusions like this. The food industry should always come up with something unique and never-heard-before product to remain competitive and here comes the Ruby Chocolate.

This amazing smooth chocolate came in late 2017 and here’s everything you want to know about it.

What is Ruby Chocolate and who made it?

First of all, you should know that the chocolate is pink like really pink. And the best thing is that its color is all natural. The chocolate gets its pink color from the red bean of the cocoa plant. These cocoa plants are specifically grown in Brazil, Ecuador, and Ivory Coast. These plants come with some naturally occurring chemical compounds which are not present in beans cultivated elsewhere.

You cannot miss this amazing pink colored chocolate for sure.

Barry Callebaut, Belgian-Swiss Cocoa Company first developed and created this idea of Ruby Chocolate. They started this idea way back in 2004 and unveiled it in September 2017 at a private event in Shanghai. Thus it took 13 years to make a perfect formula.

A Hint of Berry

So you know what does it taste like when you consume dark chocolate, bitter right? And the white chocolate has a milky taste in it but this Ruby Chocolate gives you a hint of berry fruitiness. Callebaut says that the taste is like a tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

If you want to know like on a sweet scale where exactly this chocolate falls on, we could say it is less sweet than a milk chocolate and of course, sweeter than the dark one. So enjoy your warm spring and summer days with this amazing light and smooth Ruby Chocolate.

It is completely natural

You must be thinking that it is impossible to have a berry flavor and pink color in a chocolate and there must be some sort of chemical added to it. Let us clear you here that the Ruby Chocolate is 100% natural and is made from a kind of cocoa beans that produces the pink and fruity components. This new smooth chocolate contains no artificial flavor and coloring.

It is a Hit

The first Ruby chocolate was tried and tested in Japan and the best thing was it sold out instantly. And you won’t believe but the chocolate was in such great demand that its black market started and 10 pieces of this Ruby was sold for more than $100. And you’ll be amazed to know that it was 500% markup from the native retail price. In fact, Forbes reviewed that Nestle has struck gold with this new baby since it came into great demand on the Valentine’s Day.

What about the Cost

Well, Nestle is still not answering the question: How much does it pay to be the first company to bring a ruby chocolate product? If we do an approximate calculation it should be a very high value because presently one Ruby Kitkat in Korea retails for about $4 USD. It won’t be wrong if we say that a number of chefs and chocolatiers in Europe are desperate to get their hands on this amazing stuff.

Ruby kitkat has already made an entry in the market.

It is undoubtedly the craziest thing happened in the world of chocolate in more than 80 years and of course, everyone is dying to know about its secretive production. So you can expect that you’ll be charged more for the chocolate when it comes to the U.S. market.

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