5 Week European Pastry Arts Course

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In this 5-week , 60-hour course you’ll learn the everything you need to set the right foundation towards becoming a pastry chef. You’ll learn everything from cold set desserts to classic french desserts and macarons.

You do not have to bring anything for the course, all ingredients, equipment and baking gear will be provided to you at the school. Moreover, you get to take everything you bake home with you!

Week 1: High Tea, Baked and Cold Set Desserts

Week 1 is all about baking high tea cakes and cookies. You’ll also learn how to set, de-mould and garnish cold set desserts. You will also learn how to make and assemble different flavours through verrines.

Week 2: Viennoiseries and Neo Tarts

The second week introduces you to the whole new world of NEO tarts along with dough lamination, proofing and glazing of various Viennoseries.

Week 3: Classic French Desserts and Macarons

The third week is dedicated to the art of French Baking. You’ll learn and experience the technicalities behind classic french desserts. You’ll also learn everything you need to know to become a master at baking perfect macarons.

Week 4: Into the World of Entremets, Classic and Modern Gateau

In Week 4, you’ll learn how to give entremets and cakes textures by layering different components and assembling to create modern delicacies.

Week 5: The Art of Plating Desserts and Gelato Making

In the final week, you’ll learn the science and fundamentals behind real Italian gelato. You’ll also go in-depth on how to develop a designs sense and plating desserts in a very high-end contemporary way.

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  • Completion Certificate
  • 10 Recipes in Both Egg and Eggless Version
  • Extra Recipes to Practice Later
  • All Ingredients, equipments and baking gear
  • All Final Baked Cookies (You take what you bake home)

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What Our Students Say About US

Manisha Chawla

Manisha Chawla — “I opted the baker's diploma course because I wanted to learn baking in a professional way, the diploma course at Truffle nation is giving me a number of learning options. I am really happy that I opted for this because., as a baker now, I feel much more confident and cannot wait to start my own venture.”


Raunaq Sandhu — “It was a great experience! I learned so much! To be honest i liked everything!! All chefs no just so friendly but great teachers too!”


Apeksha Wadhwani — “Learning how to bake, decorate and pipe cakes was an amazing experience. The learning experience was quiet amazing ”


Devika Menon — “My experience with truffle Nation was good. Apart from actually learning how things are made, I also learnt a lot of theory I didn't know before. I have always been interested in food and Truffle Nation only helped me to explore my interest more and turn my passion into my career.”

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This is an advanced course and we recommend you to have taken at least 2 foundational courses before signing up for the 5 Week Pastry Arts Course.

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Student Reviews

This course was intense. I just went through 5 Weeks of continous learning but it was one of the most rewarding learning experience of my life. The sheer number of European desserts we baked took my by surprise. I have definitely leveled up in terms of skills as a baker.
Priyanka Chawla
Learning how to bake french desserts and macarons was the favourite part of this course. I love macarons but I could never really get them right. Chef Mansi really helped me understand the science behind them.
Simran Singh
The pastry arts course was already a part of the diploma course I signed up for and honestly, this was the cherry on the cake when it comes to learning how to bake. I've gone from a complete beginner to baking perfect macarons in just a few short months.
Rishabh Garg
The plating techniques I learnt during this course is helping me a lot with finding new clients for my baking business. My products look so much better and I can charge more now that the presentation is good.
Ronit Sinha