10 Never-to-Forget Substitutes while Baking

A baker’s life is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you made a mistake yourself and sometimes you fall into some situations (not deliberately) but you have to face them and win over them. There are times when your appliance stops working, or you forget to pre-heat your oven or you are out of some important ingredient. Ah! The third one, the most common obstacle a baker has to face many times.

Since you cannot stop your work mid-way, thus, we have come up with a list of substitutes for some most important ingredients you use while baking.


Well, all-purpose flour goes very well with almost every recipe. But there are many people who are gluten intolerant or sometimes they couldn’t find the flour, and then comes the backup option or the substitute you can use in place of all-purpose flour. Buckwheat flour, rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, and calcium is made from buckwheat seeds is the option.

Buckwheat flour is great substitute of flour.

Do not get confused with the name because it is not wheat. This dense flour is really amazing and provides your baked goods with an earthy and nutty flavor. While substituting buckwheat flour, make sure you use half of the amount of flour your recipe calls for and along with the lighter flour. Buckwheat flour is best used when you want to make cookies, pancakes, and goods that do not want a rise.


Eggs are really important for baking. What if you are a vegan and want to eat that amazing cake? Or what if your late-night cravings order you to stand up and make something but alas you don’t have eggs in your fridge? Not to worry because those bananas lying on your dining table will work.

Use those bananas lying on the table if you're ever out of eggs.

Yes, you can easily use mashed bananas in your recipe and it will provide your baked goods with the same moisture. In fact, it can add a superb flavor to your muffins and cakes. ¼ cup of mashed banana can be easily used for 1 egg in your recipe. Or else you can even some other kind of fruits puree in place of mashed bananas.


Sugar adds sweetness to your baked goods but in case, you are out of it, do not panic because we have a substitute for this also. Check if you still have that maple syrup that you bought for your pancakes. Yes. Superb, what else you want then? Your maple syrup can work in the best way if you don’t have sugar for your baked goods.

Maple syrup is really natural and unprocessed.

This is the sap from the maple tree, which is boiled down to make a sticky syrup. This natural and unprocessed syrup comes with many other benefits. Manganese in the syrup is really important for energy production and zinc is just perfect for immune health. Maple syrup has a very strong flavor and should be used in moderation.


Butter is yet another important ingredient when baking. Do not lose hope or get upset if you don’t have butter with you because we have come up a healthy substitute you can easily go for. Olive oil has a very strong flavor and works best when making savory goods like biscuits or herb bread but should not be used in sweeter items such as cookies, cakes or pie crusts.

Olive oil Is really healthy when it comes to substitute of butter.

You need to use ¾ cup of olive oil for 1 cup of butter in your recipe. However, this ingredient can be an excellent choice while preparing crusts for pot pies or meat pies.


Buttermilk works as an acid while making baked goods. If you are not available with buttermilk, you can use sour cream instead. Yet another dairy product, which is made from the process of fermentation of cream with a high-level of bacteria culture and lactic acid.

Get a bowl of sour cream if you're out of buttermilk.

So, if you actually using sour cream make sure you add other liquid such as water or milk. This is done to provide your recipe the same moisture and consistency. This low-fat or light sour cream can be added in exactly the same quantity you were going to add the buttermilk.


Bored of adding honey to your recipes? Or you cannot find where you have kept the bottle, so why not use something else this time. One of the easiest and natural sweeteners you can have is dates.

You cannot go wrong with dates if you don't have honey.

This alternative to honey is really amazing and you can get it from almost every grocery store. You don’t even need to keep them in the fridge, which makes it a portable ingredient to be carried while traveling. Get some handful of dates; blend them with little water till you get the desired consistency.

Baking Powder

If you don’t have baking powder with you and also looking for something which is easy and convenient to replace, go for the cream of tartar. You can easily find this ingredient at the grocery stores near you.

You can use cream or tartar in place of baking powder.
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Cream of tartar is made as the by-product of winemaking and is also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate. If you are working on a recipe where you need to keep the egg whites fluffy, the ingredient can be used in the best way. Make you keep a ratio of 2:1 of cream of tartar to baking soda.

Baking Soda

There’s nothing to worry about when we are here because we have an excellent substitute for the baking soda as well. You can use yeast in place of baking soda as this ingredient also helps to give rise to your baked goods.

Yeast can be a great option in case of no baking soda.

In fact, a number of doctors and nutritionists also suggest this natural ingredient as a baking soda substitute. Also, you won’t even get a bitter flavor as you sometimes get when you add baking soda.

Brown Sugar

If you are an avid baker you must know the fact that brown sugar is actually the molasses added to white sugar. Use the same DIY route if you are out of brown sugar.

Molasses and white sugar forms brown sugar.

You need to take 1 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon of molasses, in case of light brown sugar and 2 tablespoons in case of dark brown sugar. Mix both of them until you get an even mixture and your brown sugar is ready.


Here comes the best substitute for shortening i.e. applesauce, which is probably the ideal choice when making sweet recipes and also makes them denser. What you have to do is, add ½ cup of applesauce for 1 cup of shortening.

Nothing is better than applesauce in case of no shortening.

Suppose you want to add sweetened applesauce, make sure you reduce the amount of sugar your recipe calls for. And if you don’t even have applesauce, mashed bananas can also work.

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